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Eventually We All Have to Speak In Front Of Other People.
Why Not Be The Best You Can Be...Everytime?
Master several processes that will get you past any stress, fear or mental block you have as a presenter.
Learn how humor can support your key points and build rapport with any audience...even if you're not funny.
Create a powerful open and close that will build natural comfort and endear you to any audience.
Understand the diverse needs and styles of any audience and the best way to connect with them.
How the Edu-Train-Mentâ„¢ format will meet the primary needs of any audience.
Identify and finally rid yourself of that "voice" that keeps you from presenting with power and joy.
Secrets to naturally energize yourself before any presentation.
Develop the basic skills needed for the 3 key types of presentations.
The Totally Engaged Audience Fearless Presenter Workshop.  November 2018!
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"Not only is Marc an excellent and knowledgeable teacher, he is a dynamic speaker.  I'm always amazed at how effectively and effortlessly he engages audiences and connects with them."
Dr. Sherry Buffington
"You don't always get to write a review of a book when you've actually seen the author in action practicing what they preach.  Marc Schwartz has provided readers with a real gift - this book is full of realistic tips and examples from his years on the road as a renowned speaker."
Bill Walton
Marc W. Schwartz
Learn inside tips and techniques from a Speaker, Trainer and Facilitator with over 30 years experience presenting to more than 50,000 people in 38 countries.

No matter if you are a novice or experienced presenter, learn clear and direct strategies on how to become a more authentic, fearless and commanding presenter from someone who has been there and done it.